How To Make A Custom Jacket: A Step-by-Step Guide

Leather jacket is a signature apparel designed to transform your look into an iconic celebrity. So,

it’s no wonder why leather jackets are so popular!

One question that arises in the customer’s mind is how is a leather jacket actually made? A leather jacket goes through several process to become the best clothing accessory.

From tanning, finishing to designing and crafting, several methods are incorporated. Here we are going to discuss a few.


The primary hide of our leather jacket is lambskin. We source it from local farmers that treat their animals with care and ensure you get what’s natural.


Our experts use the most modern and efficient tanning and cleaning process to ensure that you’re getting the outstanding quality that feels great and lasts forever.


We make each jacket functional and a symbol of the trend by adding hardware, ornaments and storage options. To do this, each piece of tanned leather is collected, stitched and sewed properly. The attention to detail in every jacket is what sets us apart from other brands.


Our leather jackets are created for style, but we make sure they’re also comfortable. So, we lined them with skin-friendly viscose to give you the ultimate feeling of comfort.


After the designing process is completed, our quality checker gives it a final look before shipping.


We use FedEx and DHL that are known for their quick and secure delivery. In some cases, we ship directly from the Amazon warehouse.