A leather jacket is a versatile piece of clothing created to change the way you look. To make last longer, it requires proper caring which is why we have made guidelines for maintaining your expensive staple.

Here you can find a detailed knowledge on how to keep your jacket looking new forever.

Clean your leather jacket every often.

Regardless of how many times you wear, the jacket always needs a little bit of cleaning. Best option is to always keep a brush or a dry cloth to clear unwanted dirt or particles.

Hang your leather jacket properly.

When not wearing, hang it inside the closet. Avoid folding or hanging it outside in the open sky for too long.

Do not wash.

Never wash or even use a water spray to clean the leather. It can make the jacket look stiff or even cause wrinkles. However, you can use slightly wet cloth to remove unwanted stains. If it gets wet in the rain, give it time to air dry naturally.

Avoid ironing or exposing to heat.

Do not iron or steam the surface. A leather is vulnerable to heat.

Only use the best cleaners and conditioners (take expert advice)

The best thing to do when your leather jacket is in bad condition or stiff is to treat it with the appropriate cleaners and conditioners. We recommend buying the best quality conditioners and cleaners.

Never throw it away.

If you’re ready to part with your leather jacket, don’t throw it away. Instead, give it to a family member who is less fortunate or donate it to charity. Find a new home for it with someone who will appreciate it.