These Major 80's Fashion Trends are making a Comeback!

These Major 80's Fashion Trends are making a Comeback!

How many of you are obsessed with wearing an 80s look and have it in your wardrobe? If yes, so you are lucky. The 80s was the era which is a recall for all its wild and wacky fashion, which most resonated with the public and is coming back in a way just like a giant cycle in today's style. 

There are shoulder pads and oversized blazers to solid fragrances, bright lipstick, and big curly hair. All are fascinating, elegant, and refined, they gained popularity, and we love to wear them today. So here, we collect some of the best 80s fashion trends that come back in today's style.

Oversize Blazer and Shoulder Pads:

Oversize blazer with shoulder pads was famous in the 80s, using shoulder pads to hide figure flaws, and the color was loud. The blazers were big and boxy, just like going to battle, but now the blazer is not like this structure with shoulder pads; the blazers are in black, taupe, and neutral colors that fit with every outfit.

Women’s Leather Jacket: 

The leather jacket is a classic piece that still styles in today’s fashion, but few changes in the forms in 80s leather jackets were too loose and bulky, but now it is considered to be fit to look chic.

Denim Patch- Work:

The 80s is a time for denim; people love to wear denim jeans and a denim jacket with acid wash style and patchwork. This style still strives in today’s fashion with a boho feel.

Monochrome Power Suit:

All the significant designers embraced the monochrome power suit in the 80s. Women used to wear costumes for a very long. 80s power suit is for all the working women. In today’s fashion, women’s suit has both modern fit and monochrome style for working women. 

Velvet Dresses:

Velvet dresses are stylish, unique, beautiful dresses. In the 80s, this velvet style was very in, and most famous personalities used to wear it; even Princess Diana also wore a velvet dress at different events. Nowadays, this trend is back and having a more significant moment than in the 80s. You will find velvet in many fashions in handbags, blouses, dresses, and shoes because it is soft and crushed.

Sequin and Shine Dress:

Sequin and shine dresses were the most loved party dresses in the 80s. Sparkles and the shimmery fabric were very in during those days and carry forward till now. Celebrities dress it for a red carpet look, and most love to wear it for a night out at parties, dates, and occasions. When you think of prom fashion, this is the first thing that comes to mind.

Old is gold! In the 80s, fashion was at its most bold, leaving many fashion strokes in today’s style that we have to be thankful for. From all the above examples, you will be familiar with the nuances of the 80s era and realize that many of the current trends we follow today are of the 80s.

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