Suede Jacket

The suede jacket has been a popular casual clothing choice for men since the 19th century, and it doesn't follow a particular trend. It is crafted from genuine leather that gives it a refined look.

Suede Jackets For Men

Are you bored of having a normal style of jacket in your wardrobe? Decrum brings you the latest collection of the Suede Jackets. Suede jacket men have been an outstanding piece to complete the look for a long time due to their light and smooth leather material. This leather jacket collection is made with layers of lambskin that are hidden under the outer layer. It is softer leather than the others used for manufacturing jackets and coats. You can wear these leather jackets almost every season because it is more lightweight and breathable than others. This piece of clothing is perfect for finishing both casual and formal looks. 

If you are a person that is into trying different outfits, then having this men's leather jacket in your wardrobe will be the perfect addition. At Decrum, we provide our customers with the best leather jackets made from high-quality material, and Suede Leather Jackets are one of them and have a variety of styles and colors. Suede jackets are also known for their elegant style and enhance any outfit it is paired with, and it leaves an impact on others thanks to their smooth and durable nature. 

We also offer classic mens brown and black jackets. In contrast, James Bond fans will enjoy suede jackets. Because of its classy, trendy looks. Whether you're looking for something smart-casual or something to match your everyday outfit, we have it all. You can wear the suede coat men with various outfits, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, jeans, polo shirts, and whatever you like. Come grab your favorite one from Decrum and take advantage of our exclusive offers. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is Suede?

Compared with other types of leather, suede leather has a unique feel and look. This is the soft and fluffy underside of a hide. To create suede, leather must be turned upside down so that this fuzzy side is facing upwards.

Are suede jackets in style?

Today, suede jackets are considered the best clothing for both men and women for their lightweight and smooth nature. They have been in style since the 1960s and are considered timeless pieces of clothing.

Are suede jackets expensive?

Suede jackets are a little more expensive than regular jackets but more affordable than leather jackets. Depending on the brand recognition, they will cost you between $100 and $1000. Considering the value suede jackets provide, their price can be viewed as totally justified.

Is there fake suede?

It is true that there is fake suede, however, it is hard to distinguish them because faux suede is as durable as real suede as well. In terms of comfort and durability, both real suede and faux suede are fine.

What is the best thing to clean suede with?

The best way to clean a suede jacket is with vinegar since it leaves no marks, unlike water. After rubbing the vinegar on the stains, put it on a clean washcloth, and let it dry completely. After leaving the fabric fluff, brush off any dirt remaining.