Men's Shearling Leather Jackets & Coats

    Shearling Leather Jackets & Coats for Men

    Mens Shearling Leather Coats and Jackets

    At Decrum, we offer a premium selection of men's shearling jackets and sherpa jackets. Our shearling jackets for men are crafted from the finest sheepskin, providing unmatched warmth and comfort. The natural wool lining ensures you stay cozy even in the coldest weather.

    Shearling Leather Jackets & Coats for Men

    • Shearling Bomber Jacket: This classic style offers warmth and timeless appeal, reminiscent of aviators.

    • Shearling Moto Jacket: Men's shearling moto jackets add an edgy touch to your look, combining warmth with a motorcycle-inspired design.

    • Long Shearling Coats: Shearling coats for men provide exceptional warmth and style for the coldest days.

    Benefits of Leather Shearling Jackets & Coats

    • Durability: Shearling leather jackets are a great investment, built to last for years.

    • Timeless Appeal: Shearling jackets are a versatile wardrobe staple that never goes out of style.

    Sherpa Jackets & Coats

    Looking for a more affordable option? Our sherpa jackets for men offer a lighter weight alternative to shearling coats. They're perfect for layering in fall weather and provide surprising warmth.

    Men's Shearling Leather Jackets & Coats by Decrum

    Decrum's collection boasts both men's shearling jackets and sherpa jackets. We combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design to create a unique blend of style and functionality. Explore our range of structured shearling leather jackets for a classic look, or discover our impeccable shearling coats for men that exude luxury and comfort.

    Explore our women's shearling leather jackets and coats collection to find the perfect pieces that match your couple's style.


    What our customers say about us.

    “I was and am always very skeptical when ordering clothing offline but this jacket literally might be the best fitting jacket I own. The measurements were spot on and the quality is amazing for the price! I couldn’t be happier with how it fit!”

    Cody Johnson

    “The shearling coat is really nice. The overall quality is much nicer than I was expecting. Even my daughter liked it, which is pretty rare. The sleeves are proper length. The jacket arrived in a few days and was professionally/properly packaged. I'm extremely happy with the purchase/transaction and highly recommend it.”

    Andreas Rhiese

    “Got this Shearling Jacket as a gift for my son and it fit him beautifully. We used the sizing chart to determine which size jacket to order. The picture just doesn't do this jacket justice. He was so pleased. The quality is amazing! Thank you!”

    Darla Tjelmeland




    Do shearling leather jackets offer protection in freezing weather?

    Absolutely! Shearling jackets are a popular choice for cold weather due to their exceptional warmth.

    Can I wear a shearling jacket in the rain or snow?

    While not ideal for extended exposure, shearling jackets can handle minimal rain or snow. The natural wool lining dries quickly.

    What's the difference between shearling and sherpa jackets?

    Shearling jackets are made from sheepskin with wool, offering superior warmth and durability. Sherpa jackets are synthetic and resemble sheepskin, making them lighter, more affordable, and vegan-friendly.

    Does a shearling jacket feel bulky?

    Shearling jackets are surprisingly lightweight and comfortable despite their warmth. The combination of leather and shearling provides an attractive and comfortable fit.

    Is a fake shearling jacket better than a genuine leather shearling jacket?

    Genuine leather shearling jackets offer unmatched quality and durability that improves with age. They are a better investment compared to faux leather jackets.