Mens Varsity Jackets

Mens Varsity Jackets

Varsity Jacket, sometimes called a letterman jacket or baseball jacket has been a favorite of trendsetters and trend followers alike over the years. Since the late nineteenth century, the varsity jacket has been an iconic symbol of pride for many high school students, as it is a coveted school award that recognizes throughout the community and an achievement that is handed down through many generations. And now, it's making a huge splash once again.

Varsity Jacket is a classic style that's comfortable and stylish. It features two or more contrasting colors with a collarless, wool, button-through body, leather sleeves, and pockets on the front. It is an all-weather statement piece and an alternative to a bomber jacket. Whether hanging out with your friends or going on a date, a varsity jacket will put you in the spotlight.

Decrum provides highly functional and durable varsity jackets. The jackets are crafted with cotton, polyester, and leather that keep you warm during cold months. Here at Decrum, you can find affordable mens varsity jacket in various colors and designs, such as hooded varsity jackets, wool letterman jackets, letterman jackets with leather sleeves, etc. You can wear and style a varsity jacket with jeans, chinos, and beige shorts, along with tees, or if you want to look polished but not too formal, wear a varsity jacket over a dress shirt.


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is a letterman?

It's a baseball jacket, usually worn by college and high school students and sometimes by coaches of baseball teams. Nowadays, it's worn casually by everyone.

How do you rock a letterman jacket?

You can wear casual clothing in many different ways. For spring and fall, opt for light pastel colors like pink and yellow or vivid colors like red, yellow, and green. Wear the garment with jeans or chinos and a t-shirt or sweatshirt—it's just an overall casual piece of clothing that you can wear with anything.

Can I wear my letterman in the rain?

Yes, but you should take precautions to keep the jacket dry. If it gets wet, let it dry in an open area away from direct heat. The jacket is made of cotton, so it should be able to handle rain showers just fine.

What is the difference between a varsity and a letterman?

Both are same but when the jacket is worn by a high school senior it is called as letterman Jacket, whereas when it worn by a college level students or athlete is become varsity jacket.

Can you get a letterman bomber jacket if you don't play sports?

This jacket can be worn anytime. It's not just for sports players anymore, because it's a fashion item now. A letterman will add a sporty outlook if paired with the right matching clothes.