How to Clean Leather Jacket Mold

How to Clean Leather Jacket Mold

The leather jacket is one of the luxuries pieces of your wardrobe clothing. Its classic Style and versatility motivate you to invest in it. Because of its various qualities like though, comfort and durability, you love to wear it, but sometimes you got terrified when you see mold over it.

A leather jacket made from organic material that why that required proper air circulation and humidity. Inadequate ventilation and storage lead the leather jacket mold and mildew. So to remove mold from your jacket and increase longevity, here are some step you can follow in cleaning mold from leather Jacket:

Step # 1: Prepare Cleaning Materials

Prepare cleaning materials that are going to use in cleaning that include:

  • Bowl of water
  • White vinegar
  • Mild soap or saddle soap
  • Clean cloth
  • Scrub Brush
  • Protective face mask and Gloves

Step # 2: Place your Jacket Outside

Cleaning leather jacket mold is essential, but it’s necessary to save your home other materials from it. So for this hang your jacket outside the home, which prevents mold bacteria from coming inside your house and affects other parts.

Step # 3: Brush your Jacket

After hanging it outside, starts brushing the jacket properly with a scrub brush to away the mold spores. You may also use a soft cloth for cleaning spores.

Step # 4: Use vinegar solution:

Use a bowl of water and mix one cup of vinegar or alcohol with it. Make sure the vinegar liquid and water adequately mixed. After mixing and preparing a solution dip clean piece of cloth into a liquid mixture, apply it first at a small or hidden area of the jacket to ensure the solution won’t harm jacket color. And then wipe it to the mold affected place to kill the bacteria that is the reason for growing mold.

Step # 5: Dry out your Jacket:

After Cleaning and applying liquid solution over a jacket, hang it to the well-lighted place to dry it for some time until it dries properly. You may also use air dry to dry it.

Step # 6: Wash the Jacket with mild Soap:

After removing mold, it’s time to wash your jacket with gentle suds or saddle soap to remove remaining mold, wipe it and then dry it in properly in a fully aired area or use fan to dry it.

To clean and make your jacket free from mold is not like boiling the ocean, whereas a piece of cake. All the above steps help's you to save your expensive and luxurious piece from any harm and damage. And it will go with you for long-lasting.